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Harry Potter madness

Where to start? No publicity, last minute. Amanda ordered 10 copies. Anyway, I kept the store open till midnight and enf brought a bottle of rum and orange fizzy drink. Out of the file cabinet came the tequila. (Those of you who know either Am or myself will realize how hilarious this is---she never drinks and I rarely drink. And yet we have hard liquor in the file cabinet!) Anyway, I offered free drinks to the random people that wandered in. As it got a little later I told them that we were waiting to open the new Harry Potter book box. And... some of them actually stuck around!

Midnight rolled around. I open the box, and find myself surrounded by cameras. So I can't help but vamp a little. Maybe I'll even see the photos someday. Me in the middle of the floor with a box of books. Well, eventually I started selling them. I sold two copies right off. Figured that would be it, but then I sold a third. And people kept wandering in off the street. wtf? Then I sell the last two Wu-Tang books, and another HP. Dude. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to go home, but the astrologer is still doing some astrologizing, so I stick around and sell a few more. Then I get a call asking if we're open and have the book. Well, yeah, if you get here soon enough. I start closing up. As I'm waiting for this last person, I sell another copy. She shows up, I sell her a copy. By now I've set up a checksum system. At close, I've sold 8 of the 10 copies. Well.

Oh, but there's more! And here's where it gets weird.
So, I've got the last stragglers out, the astrologer goes one way, and the guy (that decided to pimp the HP book, even though he hasn't read any of it) and I go the other way. (I have to admit, I think he did a good job...) I'm stupid enough to not realize he's completely drunk. As I was locking up, Astrologer (Charles?) and I were joking about religion. "I'm a black leather Lutheran." Well, I find myself with a proclaimed atheist babbling a history of Christanity at me. Oh dear. I start wondering if he's actually going to make it home ok or not, so I ended up walking him most of the way. We go half a block, and I realize I have a tail. This guy ducks into an alley, reappears a few minutes later, stays 5 meters behind... Kinda cute. I thought he was posting posters and was just being amused by us. But I started to wonder about that when he actually followed us when we turned onto 20th. I finally have gotten the guy to stop babbling at me and to actually cross the street sans me. Pause. "You think he'll make it?" I say, and then, "So, who are you and why have you been following me?" It turns out he's got a notebook, and was drawing me while we were walking from 17th to 20th! He's written "sorry to follow you, but you were too fun to not draw". Amused, I pimp the bookstore and tell him he can find me there. He continues on in a different direction. I walk past Borderlands on my way back --- they've unpacked the HPs, but their front window display is a beach theme complete with sand books and water books. No HP in sight unless you know what to look for. Rumors that they'd rented a club were false --- FYI.
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